Saturday, January 23, 2016

GHOST CAUGHT ON TAPE? - THE ANGUISHED MAN UPDATE 2 - I set up the video camera again in the spare bedroom to try and catch some more of the activity on tape. I recorded over four consecutive nights for seven hours each night. After looking through the footage I found several strange light anomalies. At the time these were recorded everyone in the house was sleeping, there are thick curtains up in the bedroom so it can't be light from outside. There was one small lamp on in the bedroom at all times. I also recorded many noises, such as bangs and scraping sounds but they were similar to the sounds in my previous video so I have just uploaded the light anomalies for now. After recording this my son fell down the stairs and is convinced something pushed him. We are still hearing noises and sensing a strange presence around the house. I have no explanation for the lights in this video.

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