Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Trixxie being attacked by a coyote and rescued by Happy

Trixxie ( Our little black dog a chi-weenie ), Happy ( neighbors med size black rottie ) Coyote ( soon to be ex coyote )  Trixxie is on a chain outside ( the only reason she was not carried off )  Why does not one read the comments before adding their own? TLDR ( Too Long Didn't Read )... I do realize there are a quite a few of them and I am not counting the dumb ones but do me a favor and read these fact before adding your own dumb Sunday morning after the event easy-chair quarterback comments...  1. prior to this event no coyote sightings in this area 2. Dog was left outside by spouse while restroom was being used less than 5mins 3. This was 7am in morning ( not a normal time for a coyote / wild animal attack) 4. This is middle of city with no prior history

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