Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Perfect Day Of Disorder At The Oi Rio Pro

It’s almost as if all rhyme and reason goes out the door come Rio time. The competitors seem a bit frazzled, the announcers don’t quite have it together, and don’t even get us started on those ski drivers.

This contest has been the curveball that we can always count on it being. Both world number 1, Matt Wilkinson, and world number 2, Sebastian Zietz are out of the competition – leaving the door wide open for the bottom half of this year’s pack to come barging on in. You thought these ratings looked odd? Just wait til we’re done here.

But it’s a beautiful mess, this Rio. One that can make a man just as easily as it can break one, and this year has been no exception for either. So as much as we may dissect and demean its relevance on today’s tour, there’s always that one memory we walk away with. There’s always that one giant air, or that one rotator cuff wrenching claim, or that complete yard sale on a jet ski that keeps us coming back. So keep it up Rio, you’re right on track for another memorable year.

The last heat of Mens Round 5 featuring Michel Bourez up against Adam Melling is set to go once competition resumes and three of the four Quarters are already decided. Here’s what the results look like thus far:

Men’s Quarters

Heat 1; Florence vs. J. D. Payne
Heat 2: vs. D. Cathels A. De Souza
Heat 3: vs. J. Freestone M. Pupo
Heat 4: G. Medina vs. TBD